Deep Blue Sea

Deep Blue Sea


One of a kind. That’s you, and that’s Elara Blue. 

This handmade poncho was created in a small batch just for you. Two pieces of white cloth dyed with intention and love, sewn together with our own hands to create a unique piece that can never be duplicated. 

We bring you custom eco fashion without the wait! Every indigo poncho is ready to be shipped, and will never be made the same way again!

We can guarantee a couple of things when you purchase natural dyed apparel from Elara Blue: 

1)    You will light up the minute you put it on your skin. There’s something about wearing magical plant dye that just FEELS good.  The love seeps through, what can we say. 

2)    You can rest easy knowing that this eco-friendly clothing on your skin is all natural, good for the earth, and bonus points: it’s good for your closet. Eco fashion at it’s best!


100% cotton gauze, machine wash on gentle is ok, blue color may vary based on computer settings. One size fits most.

Measures 30" in length. 

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